Abandonment to God



Mother Mary has actually started the act of ‘abandonment’ in her life. Ever since she was still alive, Mother Mary had started this act of ‘Abandonment to God’; she believes only in God. That is the special characteristics belonging to God’s children. As God’s children, they would soon enter into the act of ’abandonment’ to God.

‘Abandonment’ is an act of abandoning oneself wholly to God. We can do anything in abandonment and receive anything in this life. ‘Abandonment’ is inspiringly a brave act to live, no worries about life, but we only lean ourselves completely to God.

The act of ‘abandonment’ implies that we are ready to do anything - because the meaning of abandonment is very wide, very deep, and very spiritual. We are ready to do anything in life without any self-interest whatsoever, and we are willing to work hard to be God’s children, and to be witnesses about life for those who have not believed in the salvation that has come to earth. For abandonment is, in fact, really entering into the journey of our lives to be united with God.

Talking about abandonment, we are soon relating ourselves to our physical as well as spiritual lives. It is not enough for us just to pray, because without abandonment, self-interest of some kind will come up.

The word ‘self-interest’ should be understood as indicating that whatever we do is due to the desire of getting a specialty, coming from the world. However, for a man who has adopted abandonment, he is in a position to do anything for other people’s happiness. In abandonment, one is conducted to the state of faithfulness. Faith means that it will not easy for one to leave God’s Love that has been given to him.

Abandonment is something real, i.e. a spiritual life as part of blessings of baptism that we have received.
Consequently, it could possibly be said that even though many people as well as children of God used to say the prayer to support their activities in their lives, but when they are not inspired with abandonment, their prayers are meaningless.

Abandonment would automatically change our lives to be good. This is what abandonment means. Without abandonment, we would still be living full of doubts, within the feeling of scares, and would be easily provoked, when we underwent all the problems related to life of the world.

Abandonment means that we accept the scarcity of life, whether small or big we accept in life, and if we could live it with thankfulness, without expecting too much. Whatever God provides us with that would be the best.

Adopting the act of abandonment would make one be in position to accomplish all the problems in life and become a very significant man in the presence of God. That is the meaning of abandonment we accept so far, while we are united in the Community of Charity Services of the Blessed Mother.

The Apostle John had explained all that. “You should enter into the state of abandonment, in order to be able to work well, gladly, full of love and affection, in serving your brothers.”

As the apostle John said, it was the key for us all who had been saved by God. The key is to abandon. Abandonment will bring happiness physically as well as spiritually. Abandonment will bring us to our destination, in happiness to meet God the Father in heaven.

That was what Mother Mary conveyed to us, and it was made clearer by the apostle John about the meaning of abandonment as children of God. He was the life-witness, in order that God is properly praised on our journey of every day life, so as to make more people be saved through our attitudes and behaviours, so that it would be very meaningful for them. For whoever accepted and expressed ‘’Yes, God, I abandon all my life into Your Hands’’, the light of the Holy Spirit will be in each of our hearts. That is it, to enlighten our journey as well as to enlighten them who had not believed fully yet in God Who had come down on earth, to be close, in fact, He wanted to be very close to all of us. That is why we all had to thank Mother Mary, and especially the apostle John also, whom God had sent to conduct us, to give us ways so that we really come wholly to God.

The apostle John was indeed given to us in order to fulfil God’s promise, because the apostle John was the life and dead witness, who at this time has been happy in heaven. With that happiness, the apostle John came down to share it to us all in this Community, to express the real Truth and Salvation, which is only one in Jesus, Our Lord and God. Whoever believes in Him, he will be saved! That is why it was the apostle John, because his prophecies about Mother Mary have been revealed.

We all that unite in the Community of Charity Services of the Blessed Mother receive that assignment from Mother Mary together with the apostle John.

This was what we received so far, because the apostle John made clear the messages by Lord Jesus and Mother Mary. The apostle John was sent to prepare us all about God’s promise through the Revelation received by him.

Let us all enter into abandonment as from today, tomorrow and continuously. Abandonment, as we knew, is most beautiful, and without scares to face all problems that come and go, that we all are facing together in this Community. We are sure of all that, that what is a right stays on right. The Truth comes from above, so it will be revealed wholly to us. This is what abandonment means.

In these last moments, do not let ourselves be shaken off, we should keep on being strong and united in prayers and love, to show affection and serve the children of God here in Indonesia. Let us work hard together to praise God wherever His children are. Amen.