When the the Second Vatican Council Fathers discussed the Social Communication efforts, they explained: “The church recognizes that this media, if properly utilized, can be of great service to mankind, since they greatly contribute to men’s entertainment and instruction as well as to the spread and support of the Kingdom of God”. (Inter Mirifica n 2a). Referring to the words by the Second Vatican Council Fathers above, The Community of Charity Services of the Blessed Mother was in plan to make a wider use of the Social Communication via Internet to spread out the messages of Lord Jesus and Mother Mary, in order to cover as many readers as possible. The Community of Charity Services of The Blessed Mother strived to use this effort because ”The time is extremely nearing for the climax of purification of the world”. By receiving those messages, we expect that everyone might be able to prepare oneself using the directions or guidelines within the messages. With an open mind about the contents, as the Second Vatican Council Fathers said in the Decree of Inter Mirifica, those messages will contribute to men’s entertainment and instruction as well as to the spread and support of the Kingdom of God.


Reading those messages, people will discover the following things:


1.      The Significance of the messages.


 IThis is related to the Three Days of Darkness and the disasters prevailing ahead of the climax of the purification, which is extremely nearing. Mother Mary’s messages revealed her intention to visit Indonesia, to prepare her children here facing the climax of the purification. Therefore those messages are very important for our salvation. These are two examples:

          “I am here to bring all of my children back to God as there will be three days of total darkness on the entire earth, no sun neither moon nor stars, and this will happen by the beginning of the year. It is a sign to turn yourself to God totally!” (3 April 1995).

          “I reveal the truth for whom has refused and a stiff heart up to the time of the climax; they will cry in pain and suffering, for God will defeat the world” (5 March 2002).

Read over these copies thoroughly, it will be obviously clear how Mother Mary is making an effort to save Her children by delivering the messages of hope that God will protect us from spiritual and moral crisis which threatens us at this moment.To achieve the purpose, we have to rearrange our priority and began to practice Jesus Christ’s teaching faithfully as clarified in the Gospel and taught by His Church. Through her very detail messages, Mother Mary repeated and re-explained to us about the teaching of Jesus Christ her son, in loving and convincing way as the last effort from heaven to change us. Jesus Christ Who had revealed to His Church His loving and convincing Truth for us to refresh our faith through the messages of Mary, His mother and ours.


2.      The freeing Truth.


Many Christian people’s way of life is much deviating from the Truth that we get from Jesus Christ so far through the Church. The worldly spirit had influenced them, which is contrary to God’s will. Mother Mary witnesses it from the heaven as she explains through one of her messages: ”I see it from heaven that many people leaves God’s words; they were too busy with their world”. Her motherly heart cannot bear it. Therefore as the Second Vatican Council Father’s explained, after Mother Mary was “taken up to heaven she did not lay aside this saving office” and asked for the permission of God, to help Her children in Indonesia with a special touch, as it has now being in progress. The messages itself are in accordance with the teaching of Jesus Christ, which is no longer fully adhered by her children because of worldly influence.

The messages contain the Truth which will deliver them who might accept it, as what Jesus said in the Gospel: “If you abide in My Word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”. (John 8: 31b-32).




As requested by Lord Jesus since 1999, our spiritual Advisor of the Community of Charity of the Blessed Mother had spread out the messages to all the bishops in Indonesia and in the 2002 Mother Mary asked us to spread it to every priest in Indonesia as well as to about 1000 parish priests, to be examined and evaluated and to be forwarded to their communities. The way to evaluate them was advised by Paul, the apostle, in his letter to Thessalonians: “Never try to suppress the Spirit, or treat the gift of prophecy with contempt; think before you do anything and hold on to what is good” (1 Th: 5:19-21).

Up to now there is no negative reactions have been issued upon the messages. It means that messages have been in line with our faith. Therefore, people should not be afraid of accepting and practicing them. By practicing the messages people get more into the depth of their faith.




By reading those messages, people will discover Mother Mary’s requests for her children to practice them in their daily lives, such as:


-          To respect, to love, to obey and to pray for all priests.

Priests are beloved children of Mother Mary. Christians community should behave with respect to them as whatever attitudes and behavior they might have shown to us.

-          To practice a holy life

Mother Mary was grieved by the spiritual life of her children. She very often regrets that many priests have done nothing to overcome it. She is in a deep sorrow asking people to pray for them: “The important one is that you have to pray for the priests. A priest should not be afraid. He has to protect the children of God, and should not be afraid! My beloved children trust me. I am telling you the Truth, there is no evil here. Strengthen your heart up, unite your heart with your brothers and sisters in this community, no quarrels anymore amongst you. This is not what I want. I will make this community as I gathered with the apostles. This is what I want it to be, your community. You have to understand, after your Lord ascended to heaven, I gathered with the apostles, lived in prayers, solved problems in prayers, and asked in prayers, everything we did in prayers. This is what I teached to this community. Whatever you do here and work, serve my children wherever they are.... This is I who am telling you, do not make others upset, just because of you. Be patient and wise. This is what I asked you to do, your honesty and sincerity when you serve my children (30 Jan 1997).

-          To take a part in the salvific passion of Lord Jesus and Mother Mary

We can take a part in Lord Jesus and Mother Mary’s suffering by not taking revenge upon our enemies who hurt us, just as Lord Jesus and Mother Mary forgave people who made them suffer. But we do not experience it every day. However, we can take part in the salvific passion of Lord Jesus and Mother Mary more often. That is why Mother Mary asked us to fast on Fridays. She said: ”Get fasting on Fridays for Friday was my day of sorrow, but most of you have not done it yet. Do it my children”. By remembering the suffering of Lord Jesus and Mother Mary, we participate in their suffering.

-          Spreading the messages everywhere

Since the messages by Lord Jesus and Mother Mary have soon to be spread so that they will reach each of all the children of God, Mother Mary requested us to participate in doing it. However, it seems that her children who have received the messages were afraid with their priests who have rejected them, they were afraid to spread them. Mother Mary then said:


“My beloved children, do not bother and afraid, convey this truth through your attitudes and behaviors, that is all my request. If you do the spreading of the messages, but your attitudes and behaviors still are the same as before joined this community, you will not be accepted by anybody. That is why I ask you to change yourself before you can convey all these truths. Be my witnesses, so that all my children will be able to feel these truth and be saved”.




The messages of Mother Mary also contain prophecies about what will happen, in our country, Indonesia, as well as in other countries in the world. All this was said to have been the signs that precede the coming of the climax of the purification of the world. Some of the prophecies have occurred.In Indonesia, for instance, the prophecy in the 1995 was talking about the economical crisis that will be happening in our country. In 1995, our country was still in a good economical condition, so that the prophecy was laughed at. It seems that in the middle of 1997 that prophecy did really fulfill. Indonesia undergoes an economical crisis which up to now has not been over, where as other neighboring countries, such as Malaysia, Thailand and Korea have been able to come over it successfully, mean while in our country, Mother Mary said, it will not come over until the climax of the purification. In international level, the prophecy that has been fulfilled was the War in the Middle East, (The US attacked Iraq, red.) happening in March 2003 and still going on up to now.




One thing that pleased Mother Mary was the fact that in Indonesia The Holy Eucharist is still received by her children, which is different from many other countries. The Body of Christ is our spiritual meal for our souls. The more often we receive the Body of Christ in The Eucharist; our spiritual life will be much healthier.




Since her first apparition in Indonesia, Mother Mary wanted the Hierarchy involved in her works in this country. On 10 April 1995, Mother Mary asked Agnes to see the Parish Priest, and the priest was willing to come and fulfilled her request. However, not long after the priest was moved to another parish, and his successors refused to cooperate until now. The Community was also not allowed to use the church and other facilities of the parish. The member of the community who were disappointed were comforted by Mother Mary through her message that said, one day the door of the churches will be open for the community.


Because there was no priest who was allowed to accompany the community by the local hierarchy permission, Mother Mary asked directly to Lord Jesus. Lord Jesus fulfilled the request by sending a shepherd from afar, namely, Mgr. Isak Doera, Emeritus Bishop of Sintang ( West Kalimantan).


Although the Community has got their own shepherd, Mother Mary keeps on respecting the local hierarchy, especially the bishops, whom she calls “the Highest priests” and always want to have contacts with them. The following were the facts:


-        In 1998 Mother Mary asked the Community to set up a Chapel in “Tempat Doa Hati Ibu yang Bahagia” ( Eng. The praying place of the heart of the Blessed Mother ) at Danan, Giriwoyo, Wonogiri ( In the Archdiocese of Semarang, Central Java), with a message that when the chapel is finished, it should be offered to the local Highest Priest, namely the Archbishop of Semarang.


-        Mother Mary always sends her greetings to the Highest Priests everywhere the community makes its activities. This she gave i.e. in Merauke and Jayapura ( Papua), Kupang (Timor), Makassar (Celebes), Larantuka and Ende (Flores), Tanjungkarang, Batam and Medan ( Sumatera ) and in other places in Indonesia.


-        As far as the use of the parish churches and facilities, the community obeys the local hierarchy. The members of the community also obey the decisions of the leader of the parish who dismissed them from their position in the Parish / Station Councils, because they joined the Community of Charity Services of The Blessed Mother. They obeyed without resistance and still respect, love and pray for the Parishioner leaders. However, they have been rehabilitated now because becoming a member of the Community of the Charity Services of the Blessed Mother is not against the Church Doctrine.


These are some of the facts that can be found in the messages by Mother Mary through The community of Charity Services of The Blessed Mother.

We hope that the messages spread through this internet, which “with God’s help, through the genius of Man who produced marvelous technical inventions from creation” (Inter Mirifica n.1), would make God’s Name be more glorified.


Hoping that this positive result would remove the doubts and motivate the priests who have received the messages to be more active in guiding their communities. This is very important because the climax of the purification is extremely nearing. Amen.