"With JOHN, the apostle"


Well done, I thank to Alexius and Isak Doera for guiding God’s children. I am happy and also I am thankful to all of you. Is this afternoon or evening? Good evening.

Well, this is I greeting you all. Shalom and my love to all of you. Well, in these last moments, I am quite happy and what I passed on to you through Agnes that is what I forward to you truly that you should receive, and you must do in your life journey. In these last moments, ask for God’s strengths for you, for the devils will work hard to tempt God’s children in many ways, in many events they could do to you, they will do it so you will fall and sin. My advice to you, be humble in serving, and pray a lot, get closer to God, that is the strength for your life to fight against the world.

This is what I have told you, and do work! Do not worry and do not be afraid of what God had promised, which will happen soon, for it has been prophesied by God. When the time comes, God will send it all to save many of His children on earth who are undergoing suppression by the world. I am asking you, please, serve all your brothers and sisters joyfully for they are your brothers and sisters united by God in His Spirit, the same Spirit Who saves all mankind who believe in Him.

And you who are here, please reflect whatever I had told you. And about this Prophecy, it is adequate. This is your journey that you must do, as you will get confused if I continue explaining, because your assignment is to prepare God’s children while waiting for God’s day in His power to purify the world.

And I am not talking to you about the end of the world as it is not yet time for you, because you will still be in the journey of serving and working, live again, and fill the whole earth then. Because later, there will only be a few people saved to fill the earth again. One period of time, God will be with you. That is all I could tell you and from this day on, cleanse your heart continuously, so this service will truly be meaningful to you and to those served by you.

And to you Alexius and Isak Doera, you were called to be priests and with you now there are many God’s children that is your assignment. Lead them to their destination that God assigned for and do serve them well. That is your assignment, so that God’s children will be happy with you where you are together waiting for that purification day. You will receive joyfully what God had promised. Once again, please serve them with your heart. Thank you.
Well, for all of you, here, it is enough for today and let us be one in prayer, open your heart to tell what is inside of your heart to come to God. Today, I will pray together with you. Let us prepare our hearts and we pray together.

“ Oh Lord Jesus, the Almighty King who reigns in heaven. Thank you, Lord, You have sent me and got me involved with Your children in Your plan as You had told them in this community. Thank you Lord for giving Your time to Your children by being always with them in their spiritual journey, when the Truth was delivered to Your children wherever they are. Make them strong, Lord, and help them, Lord, in all tasks they must do. Please help each one of them to come to realize themselves, to have humility in their lives.

Jesus, the King Who reigns in heaven, God the Almighty, I am bringing Your children to You. Please make them as You wish in their lives, so You will be glorified wherever they are, so they will be faithful in all matters. Only to You Lord, they will commend themselves wholly. I beg You, Lord, Your blessings in Your Name. Oh, Lord Jesus, God the Almighty, I bless them all who gather here in Your name. Let Your power be upon Your children here, so they will become good and meaningful children, be witnesses to this Truth Who You really are. So they will leave behind blessings, mercy and love wherever they are, and serve.

In Your name, Lord Jesus, God the Almighty, I bless them with love and affection to all of them. By this blessing I hope You give them strength here and wherever they are. I commend all of it to Your power. Amen.”

Thank you and see you again in prayers.

(Audience: Thank you John, the apostle; and all clapped hands).