"With JOHN, the apostle"


The involvement of John, the apostle, as the heavenly spiritual leader assists Mrs. Agnes Sawarno especially, and the Community of Charity Services of the Blessed Mother.

Since the year 1990, John, the apostle was assigned to accompany Agnes Sawarno as the heavenly spiritual leader spiritual guide for her and also for the Community of Charity Services of the Blessed Mother (Please see the history of community).

Why was John, the apostle assigned as such? Because the blessed John, the apostle who is in heaven now, was Jesus’ most beloved apostle and he was the witness of His life and death. Since Jesus started to work, he, the only person among the first Jesus apostles, was faithful till His death on the cross. It was to him that Jesus gave His mother, Mary, so that John represented us as Jesus’ disciples. Mary lived with John until she was taken up to Heaven. Through John, God gave a revelation, the continuation of the Gospel. God’s Revelation was written into the Book of Revelation by John, the apostle which described the situation of the end of the era, the world purification, the peace era, and the second coming of Jesus at the end of the world as the fair Judge. Just because the Community of Charity Services of the Blessed Mother receives the task to convey the messages about the end of the era, the world purification, and the peace era, therefore, John, the apostle was sent to be the spiritual guide of this Community.

The General Introduction – by John, the apostle

NOTE: The following General introduction by John, the apostle, was written based on the tape recorded from John, the apostle, who directly guided the Community of Charity Services of the Blessed Mother’s recollection in Cilember - Megamendung, West Java, on 13 December 2003.

In the Book of Revelation in chapter 4, it is told that the four Gospels’ writers would still have to be faithful in praying and guiding any one who asked for their guidance while reading the Gospels. John, the apostle, Matthew, Luke, and Mark have proved it. They did it in their own styles to explain about God. It has been proved that they all answered any questions about what they wrote in the Gospels and God blessed what were told for us all. God has appointed them; with each of their book, they must be united with us in our individual lives. We are free to choose any book of The Gospel to read; whenever you want to read the Gospel, first you pray to God and beg Him for having the Gospel writers united with us to accept what they had written in their Gospel.

John, the apostle has proved it. John, the apostle has proved what God has revealed, and God proved it by sending John, the apostle to us. Right at this moment, John, the apostle was sent to explain the book of Revelation and he opened by saying: “Shalom for all of you, especially for the priests whom are among God’s children this afternoon. Be happy those of you who are part of what God has given in this community along with Mother Mary.” This is what he said.

Good day for all of us, he said. Let’s be united in prayer, be united in opening our hearts so when I take you into this prophecy, you would deeply understand, as for these days things are being revealed by God, is stated by God through you. Because all these time God had come and had spoken through men, willing to save men but many men still refused to believe about the salvation that was only in the name of Jesus, your Lord and my Lord and saints in heaven which worship and glorify Him now and forever and ever. This is what he said at the beginning as an introduction. Come into the Lord’s Grace in your life, John, the apostle said.

(Mrs.Agnes: I would like to be part of this meeting so I could gain and strengthen my faith along with you. I don’t want to be left alone while you are with John, the apostle. There will be two (2) types of dialogues: one between me and John, the apostle, and another when I deliver what he tells to you, so you have to pay good attention.)

What you need, according to John, the apostle, is that you open your heart. The word ‘heart’ here, is a place of your soul, as your own soul is united within your lives. John, the apostle said that is why your Lord used to say, give your whole heart to me. What it means, according to John, the apostle, is to open your heart and offer yourself wholly to God through our deepest heart. In order to come to God, you do not use your minds, feelings, and your own will. Without God, you could not glorify Him in your lives. John, the apostle, said as follows: “I am John, the living witness and at this moment, I am blessed in His glory, as God has promised: I have saved you and whoever accepted Me in their lives, they would also be saved in My name. (Cf. John 12: 44-50) That was John, the apostle, saying. Now, I am testifying, at this moment, I am happy and this happiness is granted to you all here so you could accept God in your live journey. This was according to John, the apostle.

First of all is being humble. Being humble brings men to the Right path. Being humble brings men to understand the meaning of life given from God to them. Being humble is the wisdom, being humble will get many goodness and truth for the humbleness belongs to God. John, the apostle, stated: In His humbleness, God descended to earth and became a man, to save men. But, for the world, this fact was impossible that God became a man. It is said, by His humbleness, God came willingly to save men. And you, the believers, struggle for being humble in everything, especially in truth and goodness, so you will get to your destination, for the salvation is in God’s hand. God is Jesus, Whom you worship. He is the Almighty God. I, John, testify what is already written in your Bible.

I will explain, dear priests, perhaps long before God’s houses were built on earth, God already planned to provide a place to men to be united in one heart and one soul. You had better not pray alone, togetherness brings happiness and all matters will be solved together, that is why you gather in God’s house, which you call ‘church’ in the whole world; That is the union of God’s children. Thus, if you realize all this, God gathers you and God comes to you. You will not be able to come to God unless God takes the initiative to come to you first.

Give thanks to God for He has come between you and you have accepted Him. My hope is that you are faithful in your life journey. We all were faithful in this journey to convey the Rights to come among us. And we struggled for telling it all, what is in God’s heart, we conveyed to many men. That was our struggle and sacrifice as we realized we were His creatures and were also saved, and finally we were called to work with God. And you all here are also called and saved and work for God; have you done it well in your life journey? Perhaps you have a limited understanding about the love you receive from God. You still choose the work, which pleases your heart. That is not right! Serving is to accept whatever works are, how low the works are, how heavy the works are, you must do joyfully. We were all like that; if we had not done it then, had sacrificed ourselves for men’s salvation, you would have not known God until now. This is what he said. We are not saying that we have been doing good services to you, for your salvation. NO!! We came to convey this joyfully, no elements of force, but we offered the Truth to every man. Whoever opened his heart he would get what God had promised about the salvation.

“ I, John”, he said. “I am the life and death witness. I was with Him in happiness and in sorrow. I accepted my life and I returned to Him as the sign of my thanks for I was created to be on earth”. And just like you all here, be thankful that you exist, God’s plan is inside of each one of you. Do you know? You should know, as God’s child, you should be alert in everything you receive from God in your life. Do not be too choosy: not this, that one I will do, this one I will not do, this I do not like. If that makes me happy, I will do it, but if not, no way! That is not right, you will not get anything in your service; he said that.

Now, you are facing the world. Part of God prophecies had been fulfilled. The other part is now being fulfilled in your era. Because what God prophesies is already in His plan. Before the world and men were created, God had planned to be glorified by His creations: earth, human beings, and everything there is on earth, including you and I, he said.

I will now take you to this prophecy. What God had revealed through my life, I wrote truthfully and honestly, neither I added nor I deleted it for what God had told me in your Holy Bible. I, John, am honest in everything and I am telling the truth if it is true and wrong if I know it is wrong. You must be brave in telling the truth about this.
At this moment you are called in this community. You are with God and our prayer in heaven is with you all wherever you serve and work to bring back God’s children, for many of them have left Him. This is what he said. But these last days, God reveals Himself among you in your community, for that was His plan. And you know Agnes is part of God’s plan. Why were not you, the one that knew God in your lives that was chosen, instead?

It is better someone who does not know God but later is called, so he/she could work well with God in telling the Truth. You could learn from the life of Paul, the apostle, where God called him in the condition of the world’s eyes as a person without consciousness, grace, and love, somehow he was called. God called! God never stated he would call those who knew Him well. Look in the history from your Holy Bible. God did not call the priests. They were not favored in His heart, because He knew, once they were called, they would make themselves higher than God who called them.

Here you are called in your weakness, you come and are called to work in your country to go telling the Truths, repeating and reminding what you have received. It is actually received in your life, but after you received, it stopped right there and you did not do anything to testify it, through your attitude and behavior in glorifying God. This is what he said.

(Mrs. Agnes: Sorry, I am delivering it as a ‘word of knowledge’ so there will be a dialogue between me and John, the apostle, so I could experience what John, the apostle told you this afternoon. If I let myself fully used, later, I would only hear from you about what was told. But this is the best way that he got me involved in his presence, to tell God’s words what God had told him).

So be aware, all of you here and you also dear priests; be fully aware of your task. You were called to shepherd God’s children. Do the work well and bring them wholly to God, and the priests, do not you ever be choosy about the tasks as you please, but offer it all and let God’s power flow, so that God’s power work in your life to serve God’s children wherever you are.

There are many God’s children who do not fully understand about The True God in their lives. And I would like to make a correction to you, the priests, whenever you preach the Word of God, you must explain what God actually says to His children. Sometimes, we heard the priests gave a reflection as they please. You think, just because you are the priest, people must listen to you; but your reflection deviates from God’s will in God’s children lives as you had to preach the Truth itself. That is why the faith of many God’s children are shaky, easy to fail, because they do not know the Truth; they only believe they have faith, but they are still united with the world and with their ‘worldly faith’. This is not right! If you accept the faith, the faith is to whom? The faith should be to Jesus; He is the Almighty Lord Who reigns at this moment, and I am the witness to this Truth. If you fully receive that faith in Jesus, you would not run anywhere else, and you will not easily be shaken off in any conditions you are facing, especially these days, for the disasters will happen. That is the beginning of the prophecies I have written in your Bible. Look at the world, now it is being shaken like that, that is the beginning. There will be a bigger one you will face later in your life journey. It is near! So, start now, you must revive and hold on to Him. That is the true faith.

I believe, I have faith, I am… You said… a Christian. Truthfully, God did not send down a religion upon the world. He only came to the world to save men. But that will be good as long as you stuck to what you have planned faithfully, take good care of it. But on the other hand, do not make any men’s rules more important than those of God’s plans, which made for men salvation. That is not right. And the priests, you must be wise in making your decision…it is fine, but do not hold God’s love among His children where God wants to be present in His children lives. But I see, we see, those rules became sacred; if one disobeys is sinful. No! If that is against your consciousness in your true faith that you really love God, when you do not accept those men’s rules, you are not sinful! Do you believe that? That is the fruit of men’s thought. It is fine as long as the reflection makes everything focus and brings you nearer to God and realizes what you must do in your live.

Nowadays, we see… he said, there are many priests who do not have love in their life journey. It is God’s will, for these things happen among you, and here comes this community. I am testifying... Be happy those of you who accept this truth. Open your heart, and work together to serve for this community which is unlimited. Where there is sadness and sorrow, you are present, as the love in wholeness is God Himself. If you are a child of God, you also have the complete love in your life. You and I actually were created and saved with one destination: to be united with God. And I have accomplished it, he said. And you must also accomplish it. When you accept the Truth, you must accept it with no conditions. You cannot say, this one is okay with me and the other is not, this one is enough for me, and that one, is not! Regardless how small and big things are given to you, you must accept it in your life because God accepts you for what you are with all your weaknesses in your life; God accepts it wholly.

God knows without Him you would not be strong to face this world. Thus, to make you strong to face what is ahead of you in this world, starting today, you hold on your faith, accept Him wholly. Because, with Him, work together with Him, does not look for honor of the world, he said. With God we could share what we have, we could give to anyone. You are still living in this world; God did not forbid you to work, for food, for the needs in life. But anything you earn, please offer it to God. If you still cannot do that, can we be called God’s children? Earthly wealth could harm men, but heavenly wealth is serving, loving, giving, and forgiving one another. That is love. Basically, love is humble; that is why we could do every thing. Later when we are not humble, a man will be arrogant. This is suitable for me - this is not. No! As God’s children, we should accept anything in our life. This is what I would like to tell you, because God is Love, you also have love and pass on that love to anyone you come across wherever you are. This is what I could tell you, the spiritual journey is with God. We must live in mercy and love.

At the beginning, I was assigned to tell you the Book of Revelation, the prophecy to you. We are responsible for what we had written; what we wrote actually came from God. You have understood partially of what I explained to you then, now you may continue what you are going to receive this afternoon, since it is not necessarily for you to know about the Revelation as a whole. What I am going to tell you is your part with the community, so that you can understand what you need to do and what God has promised to this community. It has never happened throughout the world before! There might be many prayer communities throughout the world, but this community is in the guidance of heaven. You can not be playful in your service; If you are still playful, you will have to go and leave this community, because this community must be shown in your life by your attitude and behavior, so the prophecy will actually be part of your community along with us to convey God’s prophecy which will happen and has actually been told to you all.

Let us look again at what I had written in your Revelation Book. And for what I had written will be the life and death witness until the end of the world; you will remember again what God prophecies in my life, so you will be prepared to face anything which will come upon the earth not long from now, to purify the world. Go ahead and read the Revelation Book; later we will continue and go on, and until I say enough for your needs in your life journey with this community, so you will have courage to testify in these last moments to save many of God’s children who have fallen down because of the world.