Talking about the role of Mother Mary, concerning the salvation, the 2nd Vatican Council said: ” Taken up to heaven she did not lay aside this saving office but by her one of intercession continues to bring us the gifts of eternal salvation.” (LG no. 62). One of the intercessions for us is the “Community of Charity services of the blessed Mother”. But as it happened and the premier church in Jerusalem, Mother Mary worked together with the apostles; that are also happening at the present church in Indonesia, she is eager to work together with the priests. Because of that reason, right from the beginning, on 10 April 1995, she asked Agnes to contact the local priest. The priest fulfilled her request and blessed the praying room. But very soon the priest was moved to some other parish. The priest that took over the position showed us an opposite attitude. But Mother Mary did not keep silence. She approached her Son, Lord Jesus, and asked a special shepherd to accompany The Community of the Charity Services of the Blessed Mother. Jesus fulfilled the request and promised to send a shepherd that came from far away. How the story like was, read the followings.

Man plans but God decides.

This has also happened to me in connection with the Community Charity Services of the Blessed Mother. I was planning to be a priest in a in small parish in the diocese of Sintang. But God had decided differently. Through Apostolic Nuncio Pietro Sambi, I was ordered to go to Jakarta with a promise of getting a task.

I never heard about the Community of Charity Services of the Blessed Mother when I was In Jakarta even about Agnes Sawarno. I just knew this community in the middle of February 1997 from the member of this community that I baptized at Jordan at the same time I went to the holy land. At that time he told a lot about this community. I met Agnes and the some members through him on 30 April 1997 at Sunter, Jakarta. At that time I heard a whisper as follows: ‘My Son you are my loyal priest. Do your work; do not be afraid, I accompany you’.

After joining the prayer of abandonment to God in June, August, September 1997, I concluded that the voice asked me to be a spiritual advisor of Agnes and the Community of Charity Services of the Blessed Mother. Moreover in August 1997, Mother Mary mentioned my name when she gave the messages, in the school chapel at Buaran, East Jakarta. Many people seem surprised hearing that, because she never addressed somebody by mentioning the name. But because I am a priest, I hesitated to be a spiritual advisor.

Then Agnes reminded us about Jesus promise On November 7, 1995 that He would send a shepherd coming from far away. She showed me the messages book of the year 1995 to 1996 from Jesus. She showed Jesus message on 7 November 1995, written as follows: “Agnes, my beloved daughter. I know that your suffering is so heavy, but believe Me that you are in the right way. One day and not in a very long time you will be helped by My shepherd who trusts Me. Please believe me, I will send that shepherd coming from far away to help you. He is a wise man to comply with all the things coming from Me. Agnes, don’t be sad because of this truth. I am accepted in your country and some shepherds who met him will be the witnesses of my presence through you, Agnes, and they will work together with you to convey all heavenly Mother messages to their children, in order that the presence of your Mother is everywhere accepted.

Because I was really interested, I continued reading the book, and on 12 January 1996 I got Jesus repeating His promise by saying: “Agnes, I am telling you that I would send My shepherd here to help you to spread up the truth that comes from Me.”

And then on 7 February 1996, I once more found what Jesus said related to the shepherd that He promised: “ I have already called My shepherd to receive all the Truths that come from Me. Nobody are able to prevent Me because I am the owner of all the things in the world …

There were three dates that were most surprising to me, because all the three dates fell on the same dates with my experiences before and after the hand over of the leadership of the diocese of Sintang from me to my successor. On 7 November 1995, I talked about the hand over of the leadership of Sintang dioceses with His Excellency Pietro Sambi, the Apostolic Nuncio that will take place in the beginning of 1996 according to my request before. On 12 January 1996, we, at Sintang, had already prepared all the things connected with the hand over, and waiting for the realization on 19 January 1996. The last I left Pontianak for Jakarta on 7 February 1996.

An other thing, which was also surprising me, were the words “Send” and “Call”. On 7 November 1995 and 12 January 1996 Jesus used the word “I will send”, because at that time the related shepherd was still working as head of the diocese of Sintang. On 7 February 1996, Jesus used “had called” His shepherd, because at that time the shepherd had given up his duty. Now Jesus had called me for the new job.

However, if somebody asked me whether or not it was me that was meant by Lord Jesus with the three messages, I did not have the heart to say “yes”, brevity to say “Yes”, because it could be another shepherd. Not earlier than on 7 January 1998, on the first day of Novena prayer of the first Novena in 1998. At that time Jesus said, “My son, you are my loyal priest. Your existence in this Community is based on your Mother’s request to Me”

On turn, Mother Mary addressed about me as follows: “All right, I said to you, my beloved son, Isak Doera, you had been called from far away by your God. From far away you are here together with my children is on my request, let the human beings could see worldly. Actually, without anybody else, everything will be good. But I want a better one. I asked God, to give me a priest to accompany my children in this country. Let it be clearer about my presence that I asked you, in order that I could meet my children here.”

Do your best, my son, do what I ask you; so that this place would really be the happiest place (The praying place of the Heart of the Blessed Mother, at Danan, Giriwoyo, Wonogiri, red.) I was very happy if my children could pray to praise God and pray to respect me, their Mother, because I am your mother. This is your assignment, my son Isak Doera. You are a good priest, wise, who is willing to open God’s love that comes to this country. So God was pleased to all you and bring you here to guide all my children in this country.

I was really touched and asked Lord Jesus and Mother Mary, what was special about me, so that I was especially chosen to do this assignment. From now on I was fully sure that it was God’s Providence that had led me to work with the Community of Charity Services of the Blessed Mother; that the shepherd promised by Lord Jesus up to tree times to the Community of Charity Services of the Blessed Mother was me; that my intention to be parish priest of the Diocese of Sintang was abrogated by Lord Jesus through the mouth of Nunsius Pietro Sambi who ordered me to go to Jakarta and promised me to get another job.

From then on, nobody could influence me to leave The Community of Charity Services of the Blessed Mother. I was humiliated and refused many times, but that was not able to motivated me to leave the Community of Charity Services of the Blessed, because based on Lord Jesus experiences being insulted and humiliated before, motivates me to be stronger in His companion.

This is a short account why I am with the Community of Charity of Services of the Blessed Mother and work together with Him to serve the children of the Blessed Mother in Indonesia.