1. The spread of The Community of Charity Services of the Blessed Mother

At the beginning the Community of Charity Services of the Blessed Mother was centered at Cimahi with its mass that joints the prayers come from various many places, like Cimahi, Bandung, Jakarta, Semarang, Ambarawa and other places. This community then develops in Jakarta, such as Duren Sawit, Bekasi, Meruya, Sunter, Podomoro, Tangerang and will be was made official at Sarua Permai.

From The Central of Java likes Ambarawa (Gua Kerep), Sadang, Bedono; Semarang: Jatingaleh (Karang Rejo), Manyaran, Banyu Manik, Baturetno (Boto) and St Ignatius - Danan parish (data – upto October 1998)
In the last data, October 2002, the services of this community had already spread out almost to all islands in our country, meanwhile the prayer of abandonment to God by the blessed Mary children has almost covered all over Indonesia.

The regions already served:
The Archdiocese of Medan: Medan, Sidikalang, Pematang Siantar

The Diocese of Pangkal Pinang : Batam

The Diocese of Palembang : Lahat

The Diocese of Tanjung Karang : Tanjung Karang, Gisting, Metro, Pringsewu, Kota Agung.

The Archdiocese of Jakarta : Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi, Krawang, Kranji, Ciputat, Pamulang

The Diocese of Bandung : Bandung, Cimahi, Cigugur, Cirebon.

The Archdiocese of Semarang : Baturetno, Giriwoyo, Pracimantoro, Wonogiri, Solo, Yogya, Semarang, Ambarawa, Sadang, Sodong, Bedono, Ungaran, Pringsurat, Klaten, Sekecer-Sukorejo, Bawen, Boja, Blondo, Sedandang, Sragen, Jenawi, Jumapolo, Muntilan, Moyudan, Salatiga.

The Diocese of Surabaya : Pacitan, Surabaya, Pasuruan, Gresik, Sidoarjo

The Diocese of Agung Kupang : Kupang, SoE, Penfui, Seminari St.Mikael-Kupang

The Diocese of Atambua : Kefamenanu, Tukuneno-Atambua, Seminari Lalian-Atambua

The Archdiocese of Ende : Ende, Jopu, Wolojita, Wolowaru, Mauloo, Bola, Maumere, Soa, Mataloko, Lengko Sambi, Bajawa.

The Archdiocese of Makassar : Makassar, Kendari, Unaaha, Labasa

The Archdiocese of Merauke : Merauke, Yanggandur

The Diocese of Larantuka: Larantuka, Witihama, Baniona, Kiwangona, Lewoleba.

The Diocese of Jayapura: Jayapura, Argapura, Abepura, Sentani

The Diocese of Sintang: Sintang

The Archdiocese of Pontianak: Pontianak

The Diocese of Denpasar: Tabanan, Tuka, Tangeb

The activities of the community was carried out in accordance with Mother Mary to pray together in the routine meetings of prayers and Novena as scheduled by Mother Mary, to listen and to carry out the messages of Lord Jesus and Mother Mary in serving and witnessing life: to become the instrument of Mother Mary who comes and prays together with her children and to serve with affection.

The activities include the practice of the Christian virtues as attached in the way of life of the community, such as: diligent in receiving the Holy Sacraments, especially Eucharist and Reconciliation; Fasting and Mortification on every Friday; diligent in reading the Bible; zealous in praying individually in the family and the community; abandonment and relying the life to God only; loyal and faithful; practicing individual charity and also with the community; self-denial; industrious and wise.

If we were faithful, a lot of people would be able to be saved, especially if we were faithful in the meetings, to pray and serve with love, God would then be present and His power would work through us. (… “ where two or three are gathered together in My Name, I am there in the midst of them”. Matt 18:20) It is God that works in us, He would use us although we are weak and powerless, and His Power works through us. It not us who do it because we are powerless, but it is God who works in us. For that purpose, God needs our faithfulness (The message by John, the apostle, 17 February 2004).

2. The Messages by Lord Jesus and Mother Mary

There is nothing new in the messages by Lord Jesus and Mother Mary. They are all written in the Bible. The presence of Lord Jesus and Mother Mary in our country is to show specially their love to their children in Indonesa, by refresh in them what ever has been said by the Lord in the Bible.

God knows that His children will experience the years of sadness and Mother Mary asked God to come before the time to prepare the hearts of their children not to be worried and that His children would not be lost, but watch out so that they would be ready and proper in front of God when He comes down.

There are some special messages certain personalities connected with their special mission. There is a special message for the priests, not to mistreated their people and give special attention to them who have left the church, to find and to bring back wholly to God. The members of the community are invited to say a special prayer for the priests and work together with them. (see the messages of 12 November 1998, 4 February 1999 and 17 November 1999).

Of course it is impossible to copy all the messages conveyed those by Lord Jesus and Mother Mary in this short writing. Those messages in full can be read in the books issued together by The Community of Charity Services of the Blessed Mother, or:

Besides, further messages are still to be provided, because Mother Mary did not want to teach us in one go, but step by step, in order for us to be able to contemplate and understand them well, and be made aware and returned to God wholly.

Some missions are also waiting for us, not only for personal conversion, but also to bring the good news to all the children of Mother Mary all over in Indonesia (The messages since 1995), in order that Mother Mary would be able to visit them on time.

“All of you have to struggle, my children, because the time has been very pressing.!”

I would come to your country very often. Be my witnesses, and say, that I have come through Agnes. I will bring her along to all remote places in your country in order for your brothers who are living far away to meet me, because they are also my children, as you are here.

I will keep on serving you, until you accept the Truth. (The message which is often repeated since 1 Mei 1995)

3. Some Special Messages, Advices and Prophecies

1. First message: Cry and repent, return to God wholly; praise God in your lives and you will be safe in the world and hereafter, heaven is your place! Convey this message to your brothers! Till we meet again!

2. I come to bring my children back to God. Because there will be a three days of darkness all over the world. No sun, no moon, no stars; this will happen at the beginning of the year, as a sign all human beings to convert to God. That is the purification of the world.

3. I use this way because the time is very short.

4. I use this name: The Blessed Mother, a name which is written in your Bible. I have come in order for my children to be saved and happy.

5. My message to Lucia ( Fatima 1917 ) will soon happen, and God’s promise will be fulfilled.

6. I come before the years of grieves which will happen to your country. I come to prepare you in order for my children to feel not to be left alone.

7. What will happen to your country and all over the world, all the grieves will never end until that day comes. This is the time that the world is being purified including all of you in order for you to be ready to face the purification cheerfully.

8. I have given you The Prayer of Abandonment to God, namely my own prayer since childhood. This prayer is full of grace and blessing, love and affection to strengthen your lives.

9.Be in groups and pray with your heart, not your thought or feelings. Bring yourselves wholly to God and pray, that is your strength; rely yourselves to God and you will be safe.

10. Spread the prayer out so that the sign of my love and affection will be able to reach my children all over the remote places of your country.

11. Be my witness about the Truth that already has come amongst you at this time! Do not be afraid and worried to convey the truths, believe me because God will be with you my children.

12. The door of the church will be opened and the priest will work together with you, to gather my children to be saved.

13. When that day comes, get into each of your houses, close the door, and pray. Light a small candle available, that will enlighten all of you. God’s Power will conduct me your mother in the middle of you and I will pray together with you and you all will be saved. I give this knowledge to you not to make you afraid but to prepare you well.

14. As soon as you see the light entering your house, that means that it is finished. Go out of your houses, praise God, be in one to praise God.

15. After the climax of the purification there will be a period of peace where you God reigns: one God, one faith, one Bible, until you God returns to earth as a judge.

Work together with God and Mother Mary is an offer not a forcing. The truth is over not to be forced, Mother Mary said.

We ourselves should take the decision whether or not we will neglect that offer. Should we soon repent and work, or make ourselves busy with the regulations that restraint and befool us, and even suspect without willing to test the truth offered. Once again, the recommendation and advise by Lord Jesus and Mother Mary lead us to the following advices:

“Whatever you do not know, bring it into your prayer and ask God, you will surely get the answer.”
Paul, the apostle, advised us: “Never try to suppress the Spirit, or treat to give the prophecy with contempt; think before you do anything and hold on to what is good.” (1 Thessalonians 5: 19-21).