To pray together in the Community of Charity Services of the Blessed Mother

At the beginning, Mother Mary asked her children to gather and pray together every Monday morning. As the request of Mother Mary, the Prayer of Abandonment to God became a monthly prayer until December 22nd, 1995. Again, in January 1996 as the request of Mother Mary, the activity of the prayer was changed into a Novena prayer activity. Along the year 1996, there were 9 times of Novena prayer activities, whose times were determined by Mother Mary herself. Besides the timely Novena prayers, as determined by Mother Mary, routine prayers were also conducted in groups, which were spreading everywhere. Out of Novena prayer activities, Lord Jesus was present and conveyed the messages, whereas Mother Mary was also present through the Power of God to convey the messages as well. In the prayer meetings, Lord Jesus often extended His personal touch to each person who joined in through Agnes.

At the beginning of 1995, the prayer meeting was usually begun by the Rosary. Since September 1997, at the beginning and at the end of Novena prayer activities a Eucharist celebration and/or Rosary prayer were/was conducted. When there was no Eucharist celebration, the prayer meeting was conducted in the form of Word Celebration, which began with the reading of the Holy Book, homily, to read the previous messages by Lord Jesus and Mother Mary (when Agnes was not present at the praying meeting) and to pray together. The people exchanged each other the sign of peace in the closing of the prayer meeting as Mother Mary requested.

The Community of Charity Services of the Blessed Mother had got the teaching of the prayers from Mother Mary. That was the Litany of Abandonment to Lord Jesus, which was usually prayed as the beginning of the prayer of the faithful, and the silent prayer, presented before God. This prayer began with singing: ”Come O Holly Spirit’. The Litany closed with The Prayer Of Abandonment to God as Mother Mary conveyed, especially to Her children in Indonesia. She had been practicing since she was still a young child.


Litany of Abandonment to God:
Lord Jesus, enlighten our hearts and minds by Your Holy Spirit
Lord Jesus, teach us to be patient when we pray
Lord Jesus, teach us to pray well
Lord Jesus, teach us to have more faith in You
Lord Jesus, teach us to be more abandoned to You
Lord Jesus, we pray for Your blessing
Lord Jesus, we pray for Your grace
Lord Jesus, we pray for Your mercy
Lord Jesus, we pray for Your forgiveness
Lord Jesus, teach us to have the will to love our neighbors
Lord Jesus, teach us to have the will to forgive our neighbors
Lord Jesus, we long for You
Lord Jesus, we love You
Lord Jesus, come to us, we welcome You
Lord Jesus, we abandon to You :

“ O” Lord Almighty, at this moment, I commend my spirit to You
For the earth belongs to You, and I am Your creation”
(Said three times) - Amen.

This Prayer of Abandonment to God was taught by Mother Mary for the first time in the first Novena Prayers in 1996, the 7th day of January 19th,1996. It was also a sign of uniting the relationship between God and His children. The Prayer of Abandonment to God was given by Mother Mary to her children in Indonesia and to accompany them to return to God wholly and readiness to face the coming day.

“I have been teaching you The Prayer of Abandonment to God; because in the past I was living in true abandonment. I have been teaching you to deliver your heart and soul wholly to my Son. You will be happy” (Message Sept.22,1996).

“ Unite the prayer I have given to you, and you will be ready to face the day to come down to the earth”. (Message Feb. 23rd, 2000)

In the Novena prayer on January 15th,1999, Mother Mary requested to spread The Prayer of Abandonment to God to the entire country. With all her humble heart Mother Mary added this prayer to other prayers that had existed before (not to replace other prayers).

“ Unite this prayer into your previous prayers that has existed before and pray it personally, within the family or in the community. This prayer is full of graces and blessings, love and affection to strengthen your life journey. Deliver this prayer that I have given to you to everyone. Do it my children, carry out to the entire country” (Message January 15th, 1999)

And Mother Mary also taught us a praising prayer to greet Her:

"Hail Mary, full of Grace, the Lord is with thee,
Blessed art thou among women, and blessed art thou, now and forever”
(Said three times) - Amen”.

This is the prayer that was given to unite Mother Mary and her children, while the Litany of Abandonment to God was formed in a growing process guided by the Holy spirit and the teaching of Mother Mary. She taught us that whenever we want to pray to God, kindly begin by asking Jesus to teach us to pray well as all the apostles did.

Mother Mary suggested to add a special short prayer which she taught in Fatima after every ten of Greeting to Mother Mary in Rosary prayer:

“Lord Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fire of hell.
Lead all souls to heaven
especially those who have most need of Your mercy.

Mother Mary promised to be present at the moments her children are gathering and praying in the union with the Community of Charity Services of the Blessed Mother every where eventhough Agnes was not present.

When Agnes is not present, so that no messages are given, people can read those previous messages and be able to feel the touch of Lord Jesus and Mother Mary’s spirit through their hearts.