Mother Mary frequently comes, presents, and appears herself in many places on earth to gather her children to return wholly to God. Now she also comes to Indonesia with the same mission. She chooses Agnes Sawarno (that has already been prepared for 24 years) as an instrument to send her messages.

The Mission and purpose of Mother Mary is reemphasized in her messages.

“Lots of my children are clever to pray but they do nothing. They are busy with their own world. So I come here to ask my children to pray and apply the affection to your suffering brothers.”

“I come to your country to bring all my children to God. Because there will be the “three days of darkness” all over the earth, no sun, no moon, no stars; all this will happen in the beginning of the year. It is the sign, so the human beings are aware to return to God.” (3 April 1995)

“I have already said that the time is near so I come many times to the world, to come to my children. With your God permission, I let you know about the things that will happen. In no time, the darkness will come, so I come to the earth to prepare my children, so they will really fill their hearts with spiritual lives and not with worldly lives, the unhealthy entertainment. Remember my words, my children.” (21 June 1996)

“Because I do not come to present the new lesson to you, but I want to bring you closer and closer to your God.” (3 April 1997)

My intention and my purpose to come to your country is to build many groups in order to be strong, united in praying, affection and love. No more thorns in your life amongst you, one thing that makes you closer are affection that has already been implanted by God in your life.” (9 January 1999).

“I come to guide you, to remind you, to give you knowledge you have not known, I give you all this so that you are well prepared. This is me, your Mother.” (7 March 2000)

“I come to your country because I see a lot of my children. Quite a lot! As you are now, gathering in church to praise and greet God through your priest. But I still see, my children, after going home from church, they do not change. They are still the same as ever and do nothing in their lives. This is my sadness. I want you to be united in God, one in love and affection with your brothers and sisters wherever you are. They are indeed the children of God, just like that, are my children.”
“ I come to teach you how to come to God. This is what I am giving you, my prayer, my children. ‘The prayer of abandonment to God.’ This was what I did, when I was still alive in this world.”
“ All my children here, why do I come to your country? In order that you will feel that you have a Mother. I am your Mother Mary who is in heaven. The Blessed Woman, No other woman who is happy, only me your Mother. You are my children and I am your Mother. This is already united by God for us and all my children on earth” (13 March 2000)


1. Creating and Giving The Name

To appreciate the request of Mother Mary to make the community prayers and charity services, the people who are gathered and prayed together at that time, begin to think of the proper name for their community.

Many names are proposed and people pass them on to Mrs. Agnes to pray and to ask the guidance from Mother Mary. On 23 May 1995, on the occasion of praying together, the names were proposed had already been written in the rolling paper taken one by one, drawn, and which name will be chosen by Mother Mary? One of the rolling papers was blank, hoping that Mother Mary herself will choose the name for the community. And it turned out ... the blank rolling one was taken. At that time Mother Mary came and gave a special message:

Thank you Agnes, for my children efforts to give the name of the community, as what I want. However, let me give the name of the community that I create… Write it, Agnes! The name of the Community is: “KELOMPOK PELAYANAN KASIH DARI IBU YANG BAHAGIA” (Eng. = THE COMMUNITY OF CHARITY SERVICES OF THE BLESSED MOTHER). Don’t make it any shorter. Please write it completely. I am happy, I love, and I serve you day and night. I am your Mother, remember this!”

Who is meant by ‘The Blessed Mother’ it is Mother Mary herself. Mother, as Jesus named her from the cross. (John 19: 26,27). And happy as she, has been called in the ‘Magnificat’ (Luke 1: 48 b). Happy, because she has been taken up to heaven, but she does not want to be happy on her own. It is impossible for her to be happy in heaven, while looking at her children to suffer on earth, because deceived by this world. And it is reemphasized that this Community belongs to Mother Mary.

I created this community for you; a spiritual community that comes from Above and blessed by God. In the name of God this Community exists. This Community is not your creation. If this were your creation, this would not stand longer, because you still bring you yourself in the services. But this is God’s will, whatever happened in this community, this would keep strong and united with me your Mother forever.” (4 April 2001)

2. The Purpose and the Creation of this Community and its meaning

Many ways were adopted by Mother Mary to bring her children to repent, but only few people want to accept the truths that come from God through Mother Mary. There are a lot of the children who were strong hearted and do not believe that God creation has come down to earth. Maybe through creating this Community, human beings will be aware and accepts the truths that come from God. And Mother Mary said:
“ I said it to you, so that you would understand what this Community, which I gave to you in this country, meant. Maybe in this way what I desire will be realized. Only one thing! I need my children return, return to the right way! Return to the God’s way!” (18 August 1997)

And in this Community again it is stated the truths that had already been convinced, so that they would not easily leave God just like that, and they understand what they had to do as children of God that are loved and affected by Him. In this community it was also reminded the journey of God on earth to meet human beings and to talk to them. It is God’s right to choose his own way to address His children.

“This community adds, explains that what you believe in is very real. You are right my children because you have chosen my Son to be your Savior in your lives

That is the right one! This is it… It is this community that has stated the truths. Because human beings have forgotten the affection of God given to human beings, so God reminds His journey on earth. He reminded it through this community.

“Many of them had followed my Son, but they would easily leave Him alone and follow the world. Because of that reason God affection comes on earth to remind the journey of God on earth as a human being, to meet human beings and to talk to them. This was what He did” (14 August 1997)
Mother Mary needs her children alive in groups in the community created by her, in order that the other children, especially her children who need affection, love, and addressed to be conducted closer to Lord Jesus, God the Almighty, Who reigns in heaven… Especially, before the year of sadness that will come soon. Mother Mary also repeatedly tells about the coming of the period of sadness to her children in this country. For that reason, Mother Mary has come to her children to strengthen and comfort them. Toward this situation Mother Mary said:

“It is not necessary for my children to be frightened and worried. Be in groups and pray together. Make yourself closer to the Lord, and you will be saved from the dangers; God, and I will accompany all of you, you are not alone (this message has been repeated many times, since May 1995)
Below are a few message of Mother Mary to join this community and to work as follows:

“ Please, get your heart be united with this community, you all who are here; because you are already united with my love, your Mother together with you all in this community to bring my children to return to God” (13 June 1997)

“Make this community praises the Lord, to serve your brothers and let them know about the truths where ever you are. (16 August 1997)

“From now on do your works well, serve my children who need your affection. That is love; they are the children of God, grown up with affection. Love each other; be peaceful to one another wherever you are. Be the children of light. Bring the light to those who are in the darkness. This is your assignment. Bring them back to God wholly.” (28 June 1997)

If you are united in groups, you are supporting, reminding and giving each other.” (12 February 2000)

In this community you are praying. Unite your prayers and come to God. And in your community you are able to solve all your relatives’ problems. So be in groups, and if that day is finished, you are not alone. Be united again and pray. Your priest will guide you and bring you back as ever, live in prayers and be united with God.” (7 March 2000)

The group needed by Mother Mary is like the Early Church, when Mother Mary were present in the middle of the apostles: love each other, serve each other, forgive each other, have mutual cooperation to response to the difficulties and solve the problems, so that the life of the community really becomes the lives of the children of God, which witnessed Jesus. (Act 2: 41-47; 4; 32-35). The group will also be needed whenever the purification reaches the climax in the three days of darkness has been over, because the world will be so quiet.
And Mother Mary said: all the groups that praise the Lord are good, but this community should unite all the groups through the prayer of abandonment to God.

“All the groups are good. I love it, I am happy when you are together with your Mother. This, I added to you all. I gathered this community together with you all in order that you are not divided that this community is the right one, and the other is not. This is the right one and the other is not. This is what I don’t want. So this community will unite all the groups to be the community of the prayers in your country.” (9 March 2000)

“I do not mean to separate where you have been united in the community, but unite it, this is the sign of my love through my prayer that I have given you.” (15 March 2000)
And Mother Mary said, whoever who accepted this prayer, he belongs to the member of the community.

‘I do not just keep silent; I send my regard through my praying to my children in this country. Whoever accept my prayer, he is, united with me your Mother in this community by Lord.” (3 June 2000)

3. How to become the member of the community.

Every body that joins the prayer of abandonment to God together with the Community of the Charity Services of the Blessed Mother, he automatically becomes the member. However, one could be a member by saying “yes” in his heart to mother Mary who invited him to joint and the love services the by himself. But in fact every body directly be a member by saying ‘yes’ in his heart to Mother Mary who invites to join in the services of love and charity together with Mother Mary.


While Mother Mary was carriying out her work in the middle of her children who came for a prayer in the community created and led by her, Agnes was always busy praying her personal prayers, and Lord Jesus very often addressed her with the same voice as she heard since 1971.
First Lord Jesus asked her to write in order to be able to cast her the content of His heart. This happened on 19 June 1995. Lord Jesus confirmed Agnes that Mother Mary’s presence was with His permission, God the Almighty’s permission.
Just like Mother Mary, Lord Jesus also asked Agnes willingness to be His ‘instrument’ in the middle of His people, to enable Him to addressed His people. Lord Jesus never forced anyone eventhough He could do whatever He liked because He is the Almighty God. Agnes’s hand-writing which moved quickly and without stopping could be controlled by Him. She did not know whatever she had to write, she could write while reading what ever she had just written. Although her brain and her eyes could read her new writing, meanwhile her hand would moved on writing.
The photo copies of her writing and the copies done by writing machine were booked in a simple way: “PESAN-PESAN ISI HATI TUHAN YESUS” (Eng. = LORD JESUS MESSAGES ABOUT HIS HEART CONTENT) forwarded through Agnes”. (19 June 1995 until 7 February 1996).
Jesus did not convey any new teaching, He only share His heart content, His longing, His sadness, to remind His children of everything He taught in the holy Scripture. This period continued with another one where Lord Jesus conveyed ‘The words of knowledge’ in the following way: Agnes prayed with the people and asked to enter into contemplating prayer, and then she shared what Lord Jesus did at that time:

“At that time Jesus was approaching an sick mother…. (a certain illness, mentioned. red), and Jesus has cured …., now Jesus was putting His hand on the head of a father who needed a comfort.

In the middle of 1996, Mrs. Agnes and Mr. Tarcisius Sawarno (her husband. red) were invited by someone to join a retreat at “Lembah Karmel” at Cikanyere, Cianjur, West Java (The praying place of the Catholic Charismatic Institute, under Fr. Johanes Indrakusuma, OCarm., red). The invitation of this person was meant, if there was really a dark power within Agnes, it could be sent away. After joining that retreat, Agnes was granted the gift of tongues by Lord Jesus.

Since then, Jesus was also present in every prayer conducted in the community. At the beginning, He just blessed and greeted His children to their spirits. Then Jesus went around His children, to touch them one by one, blessed and conveyed His messages personally in the form of advice, comfort, or reinforcement or giving assignments. The sentences that were usually expressed:

“Receive My peace; I have forgiven your sins; bring My peace. Convey this news of the truth; I am Who I am, do not worry; I am with you, I never leave you alone. Be rejoiced; pray in My Name; mentioned My Name; convey this news while mentioning My Name.”

On many occasions the messages were not conveyed personally, but directly to the people present. Very often the messages were passed on in a strong way to those who were stubborn. A lot of warnings were also directed to the priests who did not do their job well looking for the lost sheep. The strong warning was also directed to those who were skeptical and rejected His presence. It was not praying, but directly gave the seal ‘deviated’.

Lord Jesus and Mother Mary had emphasized many times to the people that God uses Mrs. Agnes as an instrument.

The ‘new’ way used by Mother Mary and Jesus was the way requested by Mother Mary from Lord Jesus to talk to her children directly and to be heard by all His children that joined the prayer. Through this way many of His children are to be the witnesses of the truth, different from the fact when Mother Mary was in other countries. This “way” is used in Indonesia for the first and last time and the best one. This way is used because the time has been very short. This way is also used make us aware that Lord Jesus, our God, does really exist, alive and very close to be with His children. (Cf. Matt 28:20)

Jesus reminded us not to use the thought to understand this mystery because it would never be understood. Not even using the feelings and emotion but by the heart. Both the messages by Lord Jesus and Mother Mary reminded us every time:

“Anything that you do not understand, bring in your prayers” (Mother Mary said)
“ Call Me that you worship in your prayers, and I will answer you” (Jesus said)

With strong intonation (the voice of Agnes used by Lord Jesus became heavier than ‘the light voice’ of Mother Mary), Jesus addressed to those who were suspicious about the way He used or of the person He chose. This is the right of God to choose anybody He used or any ways to visit His children since His first coming until the time He will return.

All the ways used by God from the first time He created the world till finish it, is created and intended only for God Himself: how God created the world and all the creatures, chose the promised nation, made them free from the oppression and protect them; how God came to be a Man; how God worked, did the miracles, how He suffered, died on the cross, resurrected, ascended to heaven and sent His Spirit. All THE WAYS He used were just used by God, only created for God. Now God is present and works in our country using His very special way which He created for Himself, therefore it is just in vain to try to understand to by comparing with other events. (Jesus’ message, 16 February 2003)

When the prophets prophesied in the Old Testament, the priests at that time did not believe it, a lot of prophets were killed; in the New Testament, God came in the person of Jesus as prophesied by the prophets in the Old Testament, and again the priests did not believe and Jesus was crossed by them. Now as the prophesy of the New Testament about the purification of the world, through the revelation which was given to John, the apostle, Lord Jesus and Mother Mary are present and work through the Community of the Charity Services of the Blessed Mother Mary, again the priests do not believe. They still use more their thought than their hearts. (The message of John, the apostle, Cimahi, 17 February 2004)

The time is very urgent, do not waste your time to argue but repent quickly! Many signs had been given, but human beings still need more signs, how difficult for human beings to believe anything that comes from God. Just like the time when Jesus was present in the world 2000 years ago. The human beings are difficult to change, difficult to accept the truth from heaven but are easier to receive spectacular things that come from the world.


The special sign of the presence of Mother Mary is given through the miracle of the sun as it was in Fatima in 1917; the sign that was prophesied in the Book of Revelation by John, the apostle (Cf. Rev 12:1). The enchanting sun could be seen with bare eyes, did not glare, was so sparkling with multicolor, sometimes the sun formed into two or three rounds or even with the cross in the middle of the sun, written form, also the movement of the sun itself which is around and around. Those who believe the grace of Mother Mary by the God Power can see the miracle of the sun.

On 30 April 2000, Agnes asked the sign from Mother Mary. And as permitted by God, everyone who believes can see the enchanting sun all over Indonesia as the sign of the love of Mother Mary.

As the promise of God concerning the three days of the darkness, the sign was also given. On 9 June 1995, people and a nun who were still in prayers witnessed the enchanting sun. The sun shone brightly but suddenly covered by the thick cloud and the fog went down into the praying place. The temperature at that time was unbearable cold and the atmosphere was terribly silent. Some people could not stand for it and begged Mother Mary to pray to God to stop it. Then Mother Mary explained:

My children, see that small sign which is happening now. Do you not believe? I come here as the permit of My Son to give the sign that the darkness will happen for three days, three nights, it will really happen in short time. God gives the signs for this world.

The sign that God gives to the community through Mother Mary is the ‘touch’ the sign to feel of her present so wherever her children pray and come to God, they can feel her love come and touch them. Mother Mary said:

Your hearts had been opened by my Son therefore you would feel the presence of my Son whenever you pray by yourselves in your community, at church, wherever you mentioned the Name of your God, there you will be ‘touched’. Praise the Almighty God that has already given this seal to my children. (4 February 1997)

I had asked a sign from God for my children in this community that was the sign of spiritual touch, which could not be given by this world. This sign will be everlasting until you return back to God, will be given by God in order you fulfill the good things willingly because you love God.
(10 January 1998).

From all of the signs, the best one is the repentance of His children, in which, the Power of God will touch their deep hearts therefore they realize their mistakes and repent and come back to God wholly.

Many signs were given to His children to bring them back to Him, to strengthen, to give understanding and also to be able to witness the truth.