The Testimony of Agnes Sawarno


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(Translated from the Indonesian Transcript)

Happy and wealthy be for all of us who are loved by God and Mother Mary wherever you are at this moment. You surely are with me to be united with God on our journey of lives till we come to our destination. We enter into happiness, into one with God, our Father in Heaven.

All my beloved brothers, wherever you are this morning, I would like to convey to you something beautiful, i.e. the spiritual journey with God together with Mother Mary, as well as with the apostle John, who was sent to enter into this journey to convey the sign of love and affection of God to all of my brothers, wherever they are.

Let me start from my earlier life, so that you will understand it much deeper and understand me better after you have heard my witness to convey the sign of love and affection of God to us all who have been saved. I shall start from my own self. I came from a Moslem family who were very faithful to all the teaching and laws, because we were all one in bond to that journey with quite a strong Moslem faith. However, my own journey could not continue, because God called me to enter into the work of His salvation that has come onto earth. That happened at the beginning of the year 1971. There I was becoming clearer Who conducted me, Who had been with me since I was a child until matured. I was to decide, in fact, whether or not to accept His calling. In the beginning, I was to accept the fact, and accept my pair of life, and happily he was one of the children of God. From then on I was to step into this journey with full of struggles to come to the destination. God continually conducted me, as a matter of fact, God acquainted Himself to me and talked to me by addressing: ‘’Do you want Me to save you from this world?’’ I answered: ’’How do You want to save me from this world?’’ I did not give a decisive answer, so that the Voice continued asking for my answer, when, at last I answered: “Well, I am willing to be saved.’’ From then on, He always conducted me, my heart was full of happiness, and my mind was opened to accept the addresses. In the end, I did learn from His Words. I was taught to understand, to deepen His Words. It was merely God who opened them for me. In the end, I made it and I was willing to accept it all, I was baptized in 1979, and I accept Him wholly in my life.

That was the early start of my life; hence I struggled to accept the Love and Affection of God in my life. I was struggling to follow what He said. ‘’To show affection, to love, and to serve, is something you will understand in time. The time will come that many people will come and meet you.’’ From that time on, I accepted the assignment well. However, I did not tell about my spiritual experiences to my husband, who is the closest of all; I did not tell him about it. I accepted this assignment sincerely and purely, and I tested it in prayer. All that I did not understand I brought it into Prayer. At last, I understood this mission.

Any joy and sadness received before the time I accepted this assignment, I immediately relied it on Him. We knew that anyone who was loved would receive God’s presence, through the proof of the faith we experience, to feel how far our faith in all the problems we were facing one after another was palpable. All this happened from the year seventy-one up to eighty (’71 – ’80), and at last I followed it through this process until the year ninety. In 1990, I was brought to meet someone I had not known. He came to address me, but I did not accept him. I prayed, for I was afraid that the power of darkness was putting its hand in my life and put me into temptation, and caused me to collapse. In the end the voice came again and again, and I was forced to accept him. ‘’All right, I accept your presence and I would like to know who you are actually? In the end he gladly answered my question. All right, if you want to know me truly, open your Holy Bible. So I opened the Holy Bible, and I found a name ‘John’. ‘’That is me, I was sent for you to prepare you to receive this assignment from God.’’ I accepted it. In the year 1990 until 1995, I was together with the apostle John. I was conducted, directed, and taught how the Love of God was like, about this mission and the Holy Bible, how the words of God that had been written in the Holy Bible may mean, that we all believed faithfully. Then it happened that the apostle John said to me: ‘’ Time has come that you carry out the assignment of God well.’’ I remembered that in 1980 when I met God, God said: The time will come, they will come and look for you and will find together with you about Me, about the Truth, about Salvation. In this way, about the year 1971 until 1995, about 24 years, I was to accept this fact and opened the heart to accept the assignment from God. And this happened in 1995, at that time I was praying the Rosary, a voice addressed me: ‘’Thank you, my child, you have respected me with this prayer. Until we meet again in the prayer.’’ That happened again and again, this woman’s voice always came at times I was saying the Rosary prayer. At last in the year 1995, in the month of March, on the 24th, we went for a pilgrimage tour, and that was also under the conduct of the apostle John. And fortunately there is a pilgrimage place called… the name of the place is ‘Sendang’…. (Eng. = pool….) in Java. I went there with some friends, the name of this place is Sendangsono (Eng. = The distance pool), (Sendangsono is in Central Java, Archdiochese of Semarang. red). This place has been used for a long time for the purposes of pilgrimage by the children of God in our country, Indonesia. At that time, we arrived about three o’clock in the afternoon, and there was an apparition. It was the first time I was given an apparition, and all my pilgrim friends saw the apparition too, just as what is written in the Revelation by the Apostle John’s prophecy about Mother Mary. ‘’If you see a big sign in the sky, a woman adorned by the sun and twelve stars as her crown and the moon under her feet, that is the Apostle John’s prophecy about Mother Mary. ’’It happened at that time that the sun was like the shining moon. Without undergoing the feeling of the heat of the very strong ray of the sun, we could see the shining sun fully with our cold bare eyes. The sun was very close and dancing, round and round (many people saw it. red) as if it was rejoicing in the presence of Mother Mary at that time (only Mrs. Agnes Sawarno saw the presence of Mother Mary. red). Everything was witnessed by many people, the sun which was so beautiful, which could be seen by everyone; however, people who had not opened their hearts, they were not able to see it clearly. There Mother Mary was present and revealed herself to me. Mother Mary came and addressed me: “Welcome, my child, Agnes, I have been waiting for you here. Happy be with you at this time to meet me your Mother which has been happy in Heaven. All right, I will start in order that you convey my message to your brothers, so that they will be saved on earth and also be saved being back wholly to God, and communicate whatever I said to you.” At last I had to prepare that writing, and other people could not see Mother Mary, only me, who was able to see the apparition: ‘’Mother Mary, with all her simple attributes, came as Mother, only to see, and to address her children in Indonesia. She wore white clothes, a white veil, which was quite simple. “This,” she said. “This is I, your Mother, have come. Agnes, write! Convey this to my children.” Soon I wrote whatever Mother Mary told me. Mother Mary said: “Cry, and repent, return to God wholly, praise God in your life.” Next, she said: “you will be saved on earth as well as in heaven, and heaven will be your place.” This was Mother Mary’s message to me, and one of my pilgrim friends wrote it at the pilgrimage place, called Sendangsono. This was the first time I met Mother Mary. Then everything was over and we went home.

When I was home, there was an apparition again, but I ignored it. Fortunately I was sitting in the dining room, and behind me was a large space to see beautiful scenery facing the sunrise. This happened again and again; in the end I called my son to find a witness in order that it was not only I who enjoyed this news. I called some friends to witness about the presence of Mother Mary. Then there was an apparition, the scenery of the sun was quite beautiful, and playing again round and round, dancing at that time, in the end Mother Mary was present and addressed me, it happened on the third of April 1995. Mother Mary came to ask me to work together with her, but I objected, because I was not worthy to accept this assignment. I was a sinner, and I asked Mother Mary to use the priests, the nuns, whoever were really acceptable for the assignment, anyone who was good and acceptable person. But Mother Mary said: “No! No one is perfect in the world, everyone is in the process of conversion to return to God,” and I was offered again: “Agnes, please work together with me, your Mother, for my coming to your country is to meet my children.” But I disapproved it, but in the end I prayed and wept continually, and at last I went to church. In the church I prayed, and in the end Mother Mary was also present in the St.Ignatius Church at Cimahi (West Java, Diocese of Bandung. red) and said: “Do not weep, Agnes, what are you weeping for? But this time I ask you to open your heart and accept this assignment well.” I refused it, saying: “No, Mother Mary, I cannot” and in my mind, my heart said: “If I accept it, I will surely suffer and suffer forever. I do not want to suffer.” That was in the beginning. But Mother Mary was patiently present again and again and addressed me, and asked me to work together, to serve her children in Indonesia. At last Mother Mary said: All right, Agnes, I just want to ask you this question: ‘’I just want to ask you: “At this moment you have been saved, you have been taken from this ‘world’, and you have become a beloved child of God, what have you given to God in return?” At that moment I felt very ashamed: “Nothing, Mother Mary, I have not done anything for God in my life, after I have been saved from this world.‘’
In the end, Mother Mary answered: ‘’All right, just pray, this time you pray asking for God’s Mercy to come down in your life and ask for that understanding.’’ I prayed and said: “Oh, My God, at this very moment I abandon my whole life to You. Do as You would like to do to me, and show me this Truth, give Your Mercy to me, the sinner. It happened that it was beyond my expectation and awareness. My mind was opened, my heart was rejoicing, peacefully and wealthily, and there I was given an enlightenment of how very heavy my journey was going to be. I was given all that in order to see that I will pass through something beyond my desire, i.e. not worldly happiness, but spiritual happiness, through the suffering that I will be facing, but I put my reliance upon Him. I said to Mother Mary: “I will.” “All right, my child, today we are united to do this assignment, to serve my children in your country.”

This was the beginning, about 24 years I was prepared by God, I was thinking it could have been added to my life, from my mother’s womb, as a Moslem, a Moslem family. At last I was born and taken away from my family life. Separated from my family, I lived wide openly and was able to see around me together with my aunt who took me up as her child. So it had been since I was in my mother’s womb, born, until the year 1995 that I was prepared. For I was born in 1946, we could imagine how many years had it been that I was prepared to accept this assignment from God. It was beyond my expectation whatever I accepted; “It is really very heavy for me. Every human being would like to be free, but at this moment I cannot be as free as I would like to be, but my freedom has to follow God’s Will; whatever God has planned for my life. I accept the assignment to serve His children.” This was the beginning hence everything went on continually. The reason that Mother Mary came down to Indonesia was that there had been a lot of her children here, as compared to how many of her children there were in the whole world, there had been the most in Indonesia, and they were sincerely faithful to go to church, quite deep in their practices. However, Mother Mary said: “Not enough yet! Not enough just to pray.” Indeed, my children were living in prayers, but as soon as getting home from the prayers or coming back from church, they did not change; they were the same in their former attitudes and behaviours as ever. This was what Mother Mary wanted to teach. “If you believe and pray to God, please pray with abandonment. So Mother Mary came to Indonesia to teach abandonment, the prayer Mother Mary had been saying since she was in childhood; hence it is called the Prayer of Abandonment. That was what Mother Mary gave to us and to all her children in Indonesia. That was Mother Mary’s prayer. “It was the most beautiful prayer, the last that I gave you. It was true that wherever I came to meet my children all over the world I always taught a prayer. But this prayer is my own that I have lived in my life to enter into abandonment to receive God’s Work of Salvation for human beings, who were already created by God to be redeemed to become children of God.”

My beloved brothers, in the Name of Jesus, our Lord, and Mother Mary! This is Mother Mary who has been given to us as spiritual Mother, and we have become the spiritual children to her, which cannot be separated by this world. Then Mother Mary wants us to unite in groups. At last we set up a group, but we did not know what to do in creating this group, whether or not it is what Mother Mary wants us to do. Somehow, it should have a name. Then there was a nun who together with us suggested deciding a name for the group. One was reserved for Mother Mary. So the were six pages with names we set up and suggested. We rolled the empty page, and the nun gave it to me, and I prayed, waited for the name Mother Mary would suggest to be given to the group. The next morning we prayed and I asked someone of God’s children to be a witness in the decision of the name. The pages came out with no name, but then Mother Mary was present, and the following was what Mother Mary said: “Thank you, my child, I accepted whatsoever you all want me to name this group. I want this name to be given as a sign of my love that I have come to your country, write down, my child, this is the name: “Kelompok Pelayanan Kasih Dari Ibu Yang Bahagia.” (Eng. = The Community of Charity Services of the Blessed Mother). I love and I serve, and I am happy in heaven. “These are the words Mother Mary next said: ’’ Let all of you be with Me to serve my children in your country, to bring them to return wholly to God.”

Well, my brothers, in accepting this witness you are to open your hearts, in order that you also are allowed to experience the presence of Mother Mary in your hearts, for those who believe in Him (Jesus, Our Lord and God. red). Then Mother Mary said again; “The time will come for the purification of the world to come down to earth. To be ready to receive it, prepare yourselves well to face the purification which has been planned by God, as the apostle John prophesied.”
So, that was it, we all prepared ourselves in accordance with the words said by Mother Mary and with the signs of the prophecy, as she said: ’’There will be a lot of signs on earth one after another, especially in your country.’’ We have indeed experienced all these signs, but the biggest sign is still to come to you all, and all will experience the same. That is why you have to prepare yourselves well in order for you to be saved during the purification process. God will purify the world to save the human beings who believe in Him, especially for you, His children, who love and are faithful to Him. This was Mother Mary’s message. Purification is really very meaningful, so that the prophecy that was given by God at times, i.e. the period which has been planned by God about the prophecy will in time come true. This is indeed the time, since by this time human beings have been far away from God, they are only seeking for their worldly joys, rather than the joys to be with God, this is the moment the prophecy will occur. Do not be afraid, my brothers, about that promise. Whoever believes, whoever is faithful in this purification, he will be saved. At times we all will understand all God’s plans. All this is given for our happiness, for there will be the time one day that we shall be with God, happy in this mission, as we will be conducted, we will be managed by God completely, and we will experience joys and happiness through the purification which will soon come down to earth. You should believe, because prophecies had also been given to the prophets in the past and were fulfilled. Now this will also happen in time for those who believe.

My beloved brothers, in the names of God and Mother Mary, let us be together, united in God’s Love, to accept all that Mother Mary wants us on this journey where Mother Mary is present in Indonesia. All over the world she comes with one purpose, to save us all. We are all prepared so as to be included in the purification. We really feel the joy, happiness and we are not afraid to face whatever will happen, my brother. That is what I think necessary to convey today, this time, tomorrow, and continually. Open our hearts in abandonment to return to God.

My brothers, the apostle John was also sent for the purpose, and we are also taught directly by the apostle John, since it was him who sent by God to become a living and dead witness (when he was alive in the world and after that in Heaven, red.) about the Love of God, God’s Work, as well as the Salvation by God that has descended on earth. He is the primary witness for all of us who believe in the Salvation to be united with God. The Salvation is also given to us in this community together with Mother Mary, in order for us to enter into the mission. Everything is revealed to us in this community through the apostle John, since he is the witness for all that is written, and written by him in the mission through the book of Revelation. And we have all been taught everything about it and given the understanding about the journey through the book of Revelation, and part of the content of it is about the purification. The other part of it, is about the day for God to decide, when God will come back to earth, the Doomsday. There God will become the Judge for all human beings all over the world, and whoever is faithful to seek God, he will not enter in His Trial, but he will enter into His Love and Affection. But those who do not believe, they will enter into His Trial, according to His Power. Because He is the fair Judge, and from Him all of us will understand who He Is actually. That was God’s promise to this Community, and God said that the time would come that the name Jesus would be gone from this world. Then it happens that I am God the Father, the Almighty, who will come to meet human beings on earth, and I will be the Judge. I am the fairest Judge. That was what God said to this community, let us be united and accept the heart content of Lord Jesus and that of Mother Mary, and we also convey the messages by Mother Mary, her heart content, and also that of Lord Jesus. And we have written them, so that you can read them and ponder back from whatever God wanted us in our lives, to be faithful, but in that faithfulness we were taught by Mother Mary to enter into abandonment in order for you to be able to meet God, so that you will be happy on earth, and that happiness will be found in the Love and Affection of God in your lives. This was what Mother Mary said to me.

My brothers, let us together open our hearts and bring them in prayers. Everything is being tested spiritually in prayers so that we will possess ourselves of it. Let us ask God for this deep understanding; let us ask for this understanding to be given to us all, in order that we will enter into this mission with joy, peace and wealth within God’s Love. Jesus, Our Lord and God, Who had risen and back to heaven, and Who is with us day and night, and Who will wait for us day and night to enter into His life, and wants us to come to Him, said: “Come to me, My children, I Am waiting for you with all My Faith and Mercy.” That is why, my brother, let us go home and offer God our joy and sadness and every problems we will have. Whatever we cannot accept and finish in this mission, let us rely back on Him. This is what I want to convey to you, this heart content of mine, and I also would like to be with you to enter into the depth, to enter into abandonment to Him and to be united with God and Mother Mary. And we would like to have the blessing of the apostle John, and the prayer of heaven be with us all, who are still struggling on this earth to arrive at, and to reach our happiness in heaven, be united with God. This is what I would like to convey to you all, my brothers. Let us enter into this mission these last moments, in order that the purification will really be accepted with joy and happiness, and we are not afraid to face it, but we will all serve. At this moment, let us serve each of our own family, and be one in prayers, and enter into abandonment, in order for us to be allowed to serve other people, our brothers and our neighbours with happy feelings, and joy, so that they will also be allowed to be happy together with us in one bond with God. Amen!

This I offer all to God’s Blessings, may God’s Love be with us all wherever you are, and the only key is to come into the state of abandonment, accept this life with joyful heart, and to accept well whatever is given by God.

Well, my beloved brothers in the Name of Lord Jesus, so far, and I pass on and invite you to start preparing yourselves well together with me, wherever you are. Come, because God’s Power covers the entire world, whoever opens his heart to God, he will be with Him, wherever he is. Amen!
In the Name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, Amen.


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